Equine Therapy

Molly enjoys riding Niggy, a friendly horse.Riding a horse moves and stimulates the body in ways that human-powered massage therapy simply cannot. Riding engages the entire pelvic body – loosening the hips and helping establish and strengthen the energetic connections between legs and torso.

B.O.K. Ranch
Non-profit organization provides therapeutic horseback riding for clients with special needs. This is where I ride now.

American Hippotherapy Association
Promotes the use of the movement of the horse as a treatment strategy in physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions for people living with disabilities.

National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy
Home of one of the largest hippotherapy programs in the United States and where I first began riding after injury.

PATH International
Ensuring excellence and changing lives through equine-assisted activities and therapies.

Parelli Horsemanship
The Parelli method allows horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve: success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion.