Moment by Moment:
The Healing Journey of Molly Hale

Moment By Moment is a documentary film by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman. The film is about Molly Hale, who suffered a spinal cord injury in an automobile rollover. After being told that there was no hope for any voluntary movement below the top of her shoulders, Molly proceeded to rehabilitate herself and continues to recover, decades after her injury. Moment By Moment is Molly’s story, a story about disabilities, health and healing, attitude, choice and intention, sex, intimacy, and relationships.

This film is appropriate viewing for anyone with or without a disability, their family, friends and extended community. We hope this film will find its way into the hands of physicians and rehab specialists, and anyone who serves or cares about people who have a disability, but especially those who are facing similar challenges in their everyday life.

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You may watch the video online below or purchase a copy of the film on DVD to share with others using the link at right.

The Makers of This Production

Concentric Media
This is Dorothy Fadiman’s film company. Dorothy and her husband Jim became our dear friends through the making of Moment By Moment. Dorothy is the filmmaker for Moment By Moment, as well as many other equally engaging films.

Sisse Brimberg, Photographer
Sisse and her husband Cotton Coulson are another couple who became our friends through the making of Moment By Moment. Sisse is the photographer who is responsible for the wonderful still photos on this site, as well as many of the photos you see in Moment By Moment. Click on her name to read more about her amazing work as a National Geographic photographer and with her photographer husband, Cotton.