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Molly and Jeramy Hale

Molly and Jeramy Hale

Molly Hale

In 1995, Molly Hale broke her neck in a car crash and became quadriplegic. She was told that she would never have voluntary movement below her shoulders. Molly refused to accept that prognosis. She believed instead in herself, in her body’s ability to communicate and heal, in her spirit’s astounding resolve, and in the capacity of her family and friends to support her recovery.

Her practices have led to greater independence, the ability to stand and to ambulate with balance support, a 4th Degree Black Belt and Sensei in the martial art of Aikido, a warm water therapy teacher, a 2002 Olympic Torch Bearer and a board member of BOK Ranch, a center for Equine Therapy.

Molly riding a Friesian horse

Molly riding a Friesian breed horse during a trip to Switzerland.

Molly carried the Olympic Torch towards Salt Lake City in 2002, and a documentary about her, Moment by Moment: The Healing Journey of Molly Hale, premiered in 2003.

She is often called upon to be a keynote speaker or presenter at events relating to healthy living and healing. Her water walking has enabled her to do supported walking on land as well as continuing to maximize her health and well-being. Molly’s work in the world is through Ability Production, a nonprofit company developed with her husband, Jeramy, to bring “ability” information to the public.

Jeramy Hale

Since 1995 Jeramy has been actively involved with his wife Molly, in researching and documenting the challenges of spinal cord and other traumatic injuries.

Jeramy is a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) with the National Association of Home Builders and AARP. He is also a graduate of the Executive Certificate in Home Modification Program from the University of Southern California.

Jeramy likes to help educate others about universal and accessible design,  He lives with the demand for accessible, practical and functional living space design every day since his wife Molly’s spinal cord injury and resulting quadriplegia in 1995. Jeramy and Molly both are speakers and presenters in the fields of universal design and how to modify homes for access and visitability.

Jeramy has a diverse background in business and life experience. He was a partner in Seed Center, an independent book publishing company with two national best-sellers, and he was the co-founder and President of Sugo Music, an international music company for 16 years.

For close to three decades, Jeramy has studied the martial art of Aikido, as well as other martial arts. He is the chief instructor of Aikido At Noon, a dojo in the City of Menlo Park, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. He is a 4th degree blackbelt in Aikido and a 1st degree blackbelt and founding member of Seibukan Jujutsu. Click here for his Aikido 4th Dan demonstration:  Jeramy Hale 4th Degree Blackbelt Demo.