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We founded Ability Production in 2004 as a publicly supported 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Ability Production provides services, resources, mentorship and community. We support individuals and groups interested in improving their health, well-being and rehabilitation when impacted by a spinal cord injury. We also provide consultations for making modifications to your home that create accessibility, visitability and ease of use.

We are uniquely qualified to support individuals and groups through our own life experience with spinal cord injury. We live it every moment of every day. Molly Hale is a statistical “OUTLIER.” She has successfully used available rehabilitation techniques and healing modalities that are rarely suggested for maximizing one’s potential after a spinal cord injury incident. We assist and support you in increasing your own possibilities in becoming a statistical outlier!

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Molly uses a gym ball to flex her spine.

Since 1999, Molly has used a Gym ball: on her belly to flex her spine and straddling the ball to stimulate inner thighs and her pelvic floor.