Philanthropy Is the Market of Love

At Ability Production, we feel it is important to make our work and research, our everyday life experience living with traumatic injury, available so that everyone can benefit from it. This connects us in a powerful way to our community.

If you are reading this,  you are our community. Help us share the many possibilities for rehabilitation with the world, and especially anyone with a spinal cord or other traumatic injury.


You can support our work by including Ability Production in your charitable giving plans. It’s that simple.

You could say that Ability Production runs on a kind of honor system. If you or anyone you know has received some benefit from the information and resources at Ability Production, please consider supporting us by making a donation.

Your contributions are used to support, expand, and create our informational videos, online resources, and community outreach, and of course, to keep it without cost.

Charitable giving truly is the Market of Love. We hope you love our work and want to help us share it.

You may contribute by sending a check made payable to:

Ability Production

11888 Elnora Ct.

Penn Valley, CA 95946

– OR –
You can make a contribution using PayPal or a credit card using the link here:

With your help, we can make positive contributions to the lives of people affected by spinal cord issues. Thank you for your donation!


We thank the following organizations in the graphic design and editing fields who have partnered with us in our work.

  • After Midnight, Inc.
    Kathy Klein. A graphic designer with dynamic images and powerful words, galvanized with strategic thinking and relationship nurturing.
  • Steve Rathbun
    We have worked on numerous projects with Steve. Super creative and a great artist!
  • Together Editing & Design
    A full-service editing and design firm offering a unique, collaborative focus in their work. Their goal is to give the best possible voice to each client’s ideas, in alignment with the client’s own unique writing, design preferences, and aims for the work.