Accessible Design: Senior Living Apartment

Rochelle’s Apartment

Moving from one apartment to another in a Senior Living Community gave a great opportunity to address the specific needs of our friend Rochelle, whose existing apartment we had consulted on. The new apartment needed to have one room, her bedroom, that would have significant, effective sound suppression. This was accomplished with much research.

The bathroom had to have specific, easily manipulated fixtures at the sink, shower and toilet and decent storage. The kitchenette required the quietest, full-sized refrigerator, the most responsive, easily manipulated fixtures, as much countertop acreage and accessible cabinet space as possible, easily handled hardware, and seamless beauty. We succeeded. The carpeting was a significant issue, needing to be resilient, yet firm to support the client’s standing balance as well as crawling and sitting on the carpet. Again, success in the floor covering. The walk-in closet needed to be both for clothing and storage, with specific reach limitations dictating the configuration. Everything fits. Her needs met.