Discover the Ability Within Disability

Ability Production provides services, information, and resources for individuals and their support communities who want to maximize their health and quality of life while managing spinal cord injuries.

The research and experience we share through Ability Production can benefit anyone, with or without a traumatic injury.

We offer:

  • Mentorship for new and longtime spinal cord injured people, family, caregivers, and friends.
  • Ongoing support and information on how to move beyond your medical prognosis and to maximize your rehabilitation.
  • Moment by Moment film screenings with in-person or internet/Skype appearances.
  • Accessible/Universal/Architectural design consultations for new and existing homes: How to modify your home or your parents’ home for accessibility, visitability, safety, and aging in place.

Welcome and thank you for exploring our site. We trust that you will find benefit from the information and experiences you find here. Ability Production is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.