United By Abilities: The Capacity To Overcome Challenges!

A little blurb from the newsletter of Abilities United speaking of the past event with Dorothy Fadiman “Meeting Challenges” United by abilities: the capacity to overcome challenges! Concentric Media and filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman joined forces with Abilities United to host a film festival debut of “The Annie Gill Story” as well as present three additional… [read more]


4th Dan Aikikai, Ms. Molly Hale has joined our Board of Consulting Instructors to represent the art of Aikido. Having studied as both a traditional and adaptive martial artist, Ms. Hale brings a unique perspective to our community.   In July 1984, Molly attended a 10-day, body oriented psychotherapy study called Lomi Work and was introduced… [read more]

Survival Of The Non-Fittest #11: The Turning Point

In the week before Molly’s accident, she knew something was going to happen. She just didn’t know what. She said that there were all of these indicators during the week-long Aikido retreat preceding her accident that in retrospect, had filled her with a sense of something coming and something about to happen. Mostly, she found… [read more]

Survival of the Non-Fittest #10: Magic Bullet

With all of the people coming in and out of the rehab ward at Stanford, many of them touching and massaging Molly’s body, it opened up a new world of sensation. It also opened up a new world of no sensation, because Molly didn’t have any from the neck down. Let me re-phrase that. Molly… [read more]