Jeramy checks out the audience

Jeramy checks out the audience behind the bright lights.

“The first Jazz Benefit Concert was so much fun. We enjoyed sharing our work, performing for you, and introducing you to the talented Taylor Eigsti,” said Jeramy Hale. “The reception afterwards gave us the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.”

“It was like inviting friends over to our living room and having a great time,” Molly said. “We discovered the ‘fun’ in fund raising!”

According to Jeramy, more than 125 supporters attended the first benefit concert, raising over $7,000 from those who came, and also from those who could not attend but wanted to contribute to the event. This brings the total funds raised during the first portion of our fund raising effort for Pathways to Wellness to 80% of our goal of $75,000. Please help us meet our goal with your continuing participation, donations and encouragement of others to do the same.

Molly and Jeramy performed two songs.

Molly and Jeramy Hale

“Folks, imagine 10,000 people giving a gift once a year on their birthday!” Molly said. “We are building a sustainable model for Ability Production to provide free and open access to life-sustaining information.”

Molly and Jeramy discussed Ability Production’s recent work and their plans for the upcoming year, including the Pathways to Wellness project. The Pathways project continues providing practical approaches to maximizing and maintaining the physical and emotional  quality of one’s life.

Jeramy and Molly

Jeramy and Molly charmed the audience with their performance.

Then, to the delight of the audience, Molly and Jeramy performed two numbers to warm up the stage for Taylor.

Taylor played a few of his own compositions as well as covering several jazz classics. The audience showed its appreciation by bringing him back for three encores. Taylor then showed his appreciation by staying for the whole reception and chatting with everyone who came to support Molly and Jeramy’s work.

Taylor Eigsti

Taylor Eigsti

There were many people who contributed to the success of this event. Special thanks go to Mark Silowitz, the caterer, the Thomas Kruse Winery, Sheralee Beebe and Norman White, Vicki Vickers, and Linda Austin.

Ability Production also appreciates the assistance of Lane Pianta and the staff of the Palo Alto Children’s Theater.

Taylor Eigsti smiling at end of performance

Taylor Eigsti charmed the audience with his talent and personality.

Proceeds from the benefit support the efforts of Ability Production & Spinal Cord Rehabilitation. For more information call: 650.329.9007